About Design Force

Design Force is an architecture and engineering workforce solutions and executive placement agency with over a dozen years of expertise in the A|E|C industry. Our hands-on approach and vast experience in the engineering and architecture fields have made us a valuable partner to hundreds of businesses seeking high-caliber professionals for their projects. Our unique position in the industry and highly collaborative approach allows us to provide invaluable consulting advice tailored specifically to your firm. For candidates, our desire to make personal, meaningful connections combined with our vast industry knowledge allow us to help each and every candidate successfully navigate the ever-changing market.

Although Design Force is proudly headquartered in Washington, DC, we have the privilege of working with top-tier firms all over the United States. Through our distinctive partnerships and individualized attention, we impact the built environment by putting people first.

Our Method

At Design Force, we treat every talent placement with high priority and personalized focus. That means taking the time to understand a Client’s business, hiring objectives and company culture. Our Client consults are specific and thorough, allowing us to deliver candidates with the exact skills and mindset to thrive in the Client‘s organization.

On the Candidate side, we take the time to personally get to know each and every candidate – meeting each one in person, reviewing resumes line by line, and getting a firm grasp of their future career goals and ambitions. Our team understands the nuances of the Buildings industry and are able to apply their unique knowledge to helping Candidates take the best next step in their careers.

This high-touch approach on both sides of the table ensures mutually beneficial and long-standing relationships between our Clients and their future employees.

What Our Clients are Saying

He placed me and a bunch of other engineers at [current firm] and does a great job of matching up engineers with good companies to work for. His focus is not just placing people and collecting the money (like most typical recruiters) but in finding a good match for both parties and then building a relationship so he can do it again. He knows every MEP, AE firm in the DC Metro area and knows what type of work they do, their size and whether people like working there or not. He has done all the research, I have no doubt about this. When we first met, I told him what I wanted and he narrowed my search field down to 3 companies and I didn’t even know about [current firm] at the time or that they had an office in [this location] and were hiring at my level. It was one and done for me, 5 weeks from contact till my first day in the new office.

[DesignForce] is also very hands on. I had to do a lot of work in revamping my resume, he proofread my thank you notes, coached me before my phone interview and coached me before my in person interview. In short, he put a ton of effort into making sure I was presented in the most favorable light and then delivered when it was time to nail down my salary and benefits package. This may be too hands on for some people, I know it took me a little while getting used to it, but in the end it just made everything less stressful and a lot smoother.

Just put your trust and faith in [DesignForce], do what they tell you, answer their questions honestly and they will take care of the rest. The hard part is letting go a little of the control and then doing all of the work to get ready, but if you do, I can firsthand say that it was totally worth it. Just wait till you two meet, Ahmed is one-of-a-kind and then you will understand what I am talking about.

Joseph D., PE, LEED AP, Department Head of Electrical Engineering
Working through DFS to find a Project Manager position made my job search a far more positive experience. After comparing the options that they had found with a few I’d come across on my own, it was clear that the DFS network and understanding of the current market were extensive.

I’m impressed by the DFS team’s ability to understand my needs as a candidate, as well as the thought they put into placing me with the firm that best fit those needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for their help again, either as a client or a candidate.

Lance L., PE, Sr. Project Manager
DF has a very good knowledge of the companies and fellow engineers in the DC area.
They are very client-focused and works tirelessly to make sure that their clients receive the attention they deserve, and the results they expect.

I’ve recommended their services to multiple people since they helped me find my current position.

Mike C., PE, LEED AP, DCEP, Project Manager, Mechanical
The best word to describe Design Force Solutions is “professional,” followed closely by “heart.” The utmost level of professionalism, along with a caring heart for their clients; these are the two attributes that have impressed me the most in my experiences with Ahmed and Paige. It was completely by luck that I crossed paths with DFS, and within no time, I was sitting in their office for an in-person consultation. Before going, I really had no expectations about what I was getting into, or what level of service I might receive. Certainly, one has some preconceived notions about what a “recruiter” does, based on the emails and LinkedIn requests one receives weekly from national outfits. Because of these preconceptions, my first meeting with Ahmed left me speechless, to say the least. Ahmed immediately understood the complex nature of my experiences and skills in the architectural industry, and he quickly identified local firms which best fit these talents. He had me rebuild my resume, collect work samples, and in subsequent meetings, coached me on interview preparation and follow-up. He even gave me some great advice about life overall along the way! The top firm he shortlisted for me turned out to be the perfect fit, both for me and my current employer. (Spoiler: I got the job!) Ahmed and Paige not only coordinated an appointment times, including the interview, which safeguarded my confidentiality with my previous employer, but also, subsequently handled the monetary negotiations on my behalf. At all times, they showed an incredible amount of knowledge about the best local design firms and the types of applicants each are seeking; even to the point that they knew the exact portfolio items my current employer would want to see at the interview itself. Ahmed and Paige are not just “recruiters” interested in a quick placement, they are true career professionals who care about finding the very best firm for each client based on your long-term career goals. Ahmed and Paige continually demonstrated why they are the best in the region, and I am eternally grateful for the friendship and professionalism they provided. I would not hesitate to whole-heartedly recommend Design Force Solutions to anyone seeking new employment, or even those wanting some career advice along the way.
Samuel M., LEED AP BD+C, Project Architect
DFS is one of the best professional recruiters in the industry. Their customer service and commitment to excellence is unparalleled and his professionalism is top notch. Within the Engineering industry, DFS is someone you definitely want to know and network with. I highly recommend them.
John R, Branch Manager
Working with Design Force was an incredibly positive experience. After a period of time unsuccessfully finding employment through my own means, DF reached out to me with several prompt interview opportunities. Having previously worked with a temporary employment recruiting firm, it was extremely comforting to see the commitment of DF to providing permanent hire placement. Upon the initial consult with DF, I immediately perceived the premier-caliber of the employment opportunities that I was to be afforded. With DF’s support and encouragement, I proceeded through the interview process feeling very confident and prepared. I sincerely appreciate Ahmed, Katie, and Paige for the diligence and professionalism displayed during my hiring process. I will not hesitate to recommend the services provided by DF to my colleagues seeking employment or to utilize them in the future.
Timothy B., Project Architect