Career Consult

We meet each of our candidates face-to- face to intimately discuss their careers.

We provide premium career development support that embodies the highest standards of professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality. We truly take the time to get to know each and every candidate in-depth so that we can most accurately advise every individual on taking the best next step in their career. Meeting with Design Force is not just sitting down for a job-pitch – it is the opportunity to have a conversation about your career with an expert in the industry. We pride ourselves on forcing our candidates to think about their careers holistically at a macro level when evaluating career opportunities.

What to Expect from your First Meeting

  • Resume and Work Sample Review
    • We thoroughly evaluate your resume with you and provide proprietary templates for you to use. We review work samples and offer portfolio edits to make sure you are best representing yourself and your work.
  • Goal Coaching
    • Every consult includes goal-setting so that when you are presented with a job opportunity, you have to tools you need to evaluate if it is the right one for you. This level of intimacy is uncommon, but necessary for long-term, life-changing placements.


Contemplating making a change in your career while you’re currently employed can be nerve-wracking – we have your back.

Confidentiality Statement 

At Design Force, your confidentiality is our greatest priority. Our researchers and recruiters recognize that one of the most important facets of a career change is confidentiality. We are well-versed in working with candidates in the utmost privacy. We have an encrypted state of the art database and exclusive non-disclosure agreements with each of our clients (firms that hire from us). Design Force requests permission from every candidate prior to submitting their resume to any employer or hiring manager. We ensure discretion by coordinating off-site and outside of office hours meetings for confidentially seeking candidates when necessary. Our hiring managers understand that our candidates are passively seeking individuals who are quietly and confidentially seeking career-advancement opportunities. During the recruitment process, Design Force solicits a wide range of personal information from our candidates. This information is used solely for the purpose of determining a candidate’s eligibility and relevance for employment as well as availability for a meeting with the organization. This information is treated in the strictest confidence and is only released to a client upon direct approval from a candidate. All information gathered during the recruitment process (including applications, meetings, phone calls, and interviews) is considered privileged.

Connections + Experience

We have spent over 12 years fostering meaningful and real relationships in the AEC industry.

Our highly trained staff are subject matter experts in the AEC business – professionals with meaningful and real relationships in the field. Our pure focus in this vertical has allowed us to learn about various firm reputations, retention and office culture. We have fostered hundreds of relationships in this arena that we pride ourselves on maintaining. It is a company policy to have personally met with every client in-person. We take the time to form relationships that are trust-worthy and long-lasting. With Design Force Solutions as your career solutions agent, you’ll be supported by a team of seasoned experts who are focused on your individual career objectives. Tailoring our search to your specifications, we’ll aggressively source firms that are the best fit for your career. Not to mention that we are all professionals with a background in Architecture and Engineering.

Candidate FAQs

At Design Force, we spend all our time working with AEC firms that are looking to hire top professionals. So we’re aware of “hidden” – unpublicized – career opportunities that only Design Force and our clients know about. Isn’t it worth a phone call or email just to see if your dream job is out there?
Design Force is a specialty firm with 12 years of experience working solely in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Our Managing Principal was a practicing engineer and all of our hiring managers  have worked in the field. We live and breathe A|E|C every day.
You pay nothing for our services. All fees are covered 100% by our clients – the A|E|C firms that are looking to hire the best professionals.
Design Force is interested in representing all A|E|C professionals who are serious about making an educated, positive, long-term career decision.
Design Force has a proven methodology for preparing candidates for interviews.

We will:

  1. Supply you with proprietary documents that will help you prepare for your interview.
  2. Provide background information on the hiring firm and the specific individuals who will be interviewing you.
  3. Give you a one-on-one prep meeting with a Design Force staff member to review all pertinent information before the interview.

We will do everything we can to ensure you are as prepared as possible.

Design Force reviews hundreds of resumes and portfolios every week. We will review your materials, suggest possible improvements based on what hiring managers are currently looking for, and provide you with templates to help in your revisions.
We help place professionals in almost every aspect of the vertical design and construction industry – including Marketing, Business Development, Human Resources, and Administrative professionals. We can definitely help you reach the next level of your career.
At Design Force, we are only interested in making long-term, permanent placements. We have an extremely high retention rate for our placements and high ratings in candidate satisfaction with our services. We are experts in understanding the industry and make recommendations based on each candidate’s individual career goals.