So you took that promotion, that career shift, that new job and you are full of optimism and excitement! Your personal goals are at the forefront of your mind and you feel a new sense of drive towards reaching your professional aspirations. But how do you keep the momentum going?

Check out our top tips for staying on track with your goals in the workplace below.


  1. Be vocal – Your company and your boss are not mind readers. Express your interests, your passions, your weaknesses – share your thoughts with your employer! The best way to get what you want is to ask for it, and if you never ask then yep, you guessed it, you will never receive (who is the mind reader now!) Share your curiosity for learning the business side, your interest in being part of the proposal process, your natural inclination for networking and participating in industry associations. When you share your goals and intentions with those around you you’ll be surprised how quickly some of those thoughts can turn into a reality.


  1. Don’t be afraid to try new things – Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to push your boundaries and know your limits. “That’s not my job” is a workplace faux-pau, it shows your employer that you can’t be flexible. Being able to adapt to different environments, roles or leadership is critical to being successful at any firm long term. Always be open to trying new things, maybe client relations and business development is your life-long passion that you never would have found if your manager didn’t challenge you to broaden your horizons!


  1. Know when to ask for help – It’s okay not to have all the answers, that’s part of growing professionally. Troubleshoot on your own, go through some trial and error, but know when you have hit a wall and need to bring in reinforcements. It is also okay to see professional guidance outside of your organization. Maybe speaking on industry panels is your dream but you are uncomfortable speaking in front of others, they have experts to help with that you know.


  1. Be involved – The employee who gets the most return from their company is typically the employee who invests the most. Show your company your dedication & passion and they will reciprocate that investment. Participate in the weekly office breakfast meeting, stop by the lunch and learns, take the time to know your co-workers. If you are thinking “I wish my company did these activities” take the bull by the horn and launch the office kickball team yourself! Being involved shows commitment which lays the foundation for trust and more autonomy between you and your employer.


  1. Stay true to you! – At the end of the day staying true to yourself is the most important part of your career. Never compromise on your values and what you feel to be right. If you feel uncomfortable with a decision being made discuss this privately with the appropriate party. If you want to be more focused on sustainable design create a strategy with your colleagues to put this into practice.


YOU drive the path of your career. Yes there are people who can help – career consultants (ahem ahem – designforce), mentors, colleagues, teachers, family and friends. But what you choose to do in life is ultimately up to you. Think about what makes you happy and where you want to land in your career. Focus on the small steps that you can take every day to get there and surround yourself with people who will support you on your journey!