Contingency and Retained Searches

Our confidential searches are focused to the placement of specialized professionals into various level positions. Our clients include:

  • Architecture + Designer Firms
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineering Firms
  • Multi-disciplinary Integrated A+E Firms
  • Structural Engineering Firms
  • Owner Representatives (PM/CM Service) Firms
  • Developers and Owners
  • Institutions

They range from both small, private companies to large publicly held consulting firms.

Our relationships with key hiring managers and the C-Level Suite  as well as candidates extend across the nation within the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry.  Our widespread network gives you immediate access to the highly specialized professionals throughout the nation. Design Force’s focus and approach will be tailored to meet your hiring demands. Our approaches fall into various search options. Design Force gives you a wide range of engagement options:

Single Search Performance-Based Retainer:

This performance based approach is often utilized for searches requiring exclusivity, tailored search and guaranteed time-delivery in filling this specific needed.  In this type of search, our fee is paid in two installments. The first payment or engagement fee is due when we begin the search. The final payment is due only after the search has been completed; prorated on actual offer amount. The original deposit amount is guaranteed to fill he position with the right professional and cultural matches.  This search option is our most popular by clients who have experience working with Design Force. This approach is often utilized by our clients who are familiar with our high search/placement success rate.  This allows for a deeper discount for bulk hiring needs.

Multi-Position Retainer (also known as our Container):

This approach is often utilized by our clients who are familiar with our high search/placement success rate.  This allows for a deeper discount for bulk hiring needs.


Our fee is not paid until a candidate has been hired. This approach is commonly utilized for our clients with rolling needs for the same core set of positions (i.e. Project Architects, Project Engineers, Project Managers, etc). This approach allows any of our clients to review our contingency candidates without the commitment to hire.  This is an excellent option for progressive and forward-thinking firms who are looking to seek candidates for strategic hiring needs.

In either search process, your contact with Design Force Solutions will be with one of our Managing Principals. They will be involved from the “cradle-to-grave” of the recruitment process.

Recruitment Process Outsource:

A Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO) engagement goes above and beyond our exceptional standard services. An RPO extends our services to aid your firm in leading the recruitment process from start to finish. This allows us to provide the highest quality of service and attention there is to offer. Design Force will be delivering a deeply integrated, hands-on approach that will clarify and streamline your firm’s hiring practices. Clients pay Design Force monthly for this incredibly nuanced and extensive service.

Client Facts

Unfilled vacancies or poor hiring decisions can seriously undermine your most promising business plans. Your best bet for a positive, long-term outcome is consulting with a professional.
The work required to fill a vacant position is time-consuming and detracts from your primary responsibilities. Frustration with the search process can lead to a poor hiring decision.
The cost of making a poor hiring decision, either by promoting the wrong person internally or through a quick HR search, can lower revenue, and increase turnover, terminations, severance and replacement costs.
There is a multiplier effect each day a position remains unfilled: lost productivity and overworked staff affects the immediate department, and can trickle to negatively affect other departments.
When a position is left vacant remaining employees must assume additional duties, and often become sidetracked from their main responsibilities, resulting in decreased efficiency and morale.
You should expect a much greater return for each hiring dollar you spend as you are making a calculated investment in your company’s future.
Perhaps the best measure of the worth of an executive search firm is the caliber of the person(s) hired.

Better hires have a multiplier effect on your company, in very positive ways. A high-caliber employee pays for himself or herself many times over.

We believe good hires are quick learners, adaptable, autonomous and are highly motivated. Good hires also inspire and train other employees, function as mentors, achieve higher customer satisfaction, produce new ideas and increase productivity.
Industry specialization and our systematic personalized methodology are distinctive. They have been designed to intensely focus on filling your need in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our performance statistics consistently verify the value in choosing Design Force to fill key positions within your company.